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Here are a few testimonials from models who have trained with Kali:
Today was really great!  I really loved learning about all the different types of modeling jobs that are available.  I had no idea there were so many!  Thanks for everything Kali!
Jennier Reid
Scottsdale, AZ
I absolutely loved the class.  It was very helpful and motivated me even more.  Kali was so helpful with everyone and gave us much useful insight on the industry as a whole. 
Chelsea Carter
Dallas, TX
I really enjoyed today's presentation.  Kali is so sweet and enthusiastic.  I learned so much today.  I've taken the Barbizon classes and they never had this much information.  I loved the class!
Megan Wilcox
Tempe, AZ
I fully enjoyed the class.  I feel as though I've learned quite a bit about the industry now.  I'm excited about working with SCW modeling.  Thank you for your time and training.  It was very informative and all my questions have been answered.  Once again - thank you!
Rochelle Santin
Dallas, TX
Kali and Al were absolutely amazing!  I learned so much during my training and I can't wait to get started!  Kali gave me tons on "insider" tips and I really feel prepared to enter this exciting industry.  I can't wait for my first modeling job!  I'm pumped!!
Cathleen Cueto
Beverly Hills, CA
The class was a lot of fun.  Kali was an amazing teacher.  I learned a lot of very useful information, while also having a ton of fun.
Naomi Ackerman
Mesa, AZ
I really enjoyed the class.  I feel all the information I was given was extremely beneficial.  I liked the format of the class and how it was laid out.  I am even more excited now than I was before the class!  I really liked the role playing, it definitley helped me to feel more comfortable with live modeling.
Lindsey McCray
Denver, CO
Everything I learned today was amazing.  Words can not explain how thrilled I am to sign with SCW Promotions Model and Talent Agency.  Kali was a wonderful instructor and now has made a big impact in my life.  I hope to be a talented model as she is one day.
Rochelle Baca
Tolleson, AZ
I felt the class was very helpful.  Thank you for your time.  My questions were answered.  I now feel that I can go to work for a client and do a great job!  Thank you!
Janelle Maynard
Denver, CO
Great pace!  Kali has lots of insight that is very valuable!  Thank you for all your advice and suggestions.
Jennifer Nguyen
Dallas, TX
The class was eye opening!  Wonderful and the best afternoon I've had!  Kali and Al treated me like I was a person who really had potential.  Great Team!
Gail Henshaw
Las Vegas, NV
The class was great and I love Kali!  I learned so much and this is going to make my life so much easier!  I'm so excited and I can't thank you enough!  Thank you Kali!
Maria Whipple
Denver, CO
The class was informative.  This is the BEST agency I've talked to.  Great group of people.  Hopefully I'll be seeing a lot of you.  Very impressed!
Stacy White
Las Vegas, NV
I definitley loved this class!  I have been taught a lot and I can't wait to apply everything to this industry!  Thank you so much!
Talea Wentz
Dallas, TX

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