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We Repair And Calibrate Polysonics Flowmeters  
Fast Turnaround - 1-3 days in most cases.
We do not have back logs like other companies. 
The only experts on Polysonics, Al Smith worked for the factory for 17 years and knows the meters better than anyone. We get them in and out with quality workmanship.  Nothing goes out the door until every function works like it should.  We stand behind our work.  Other companies will not know the functionality of the filters, internal tuning to match the transducers to the transmit and receive circuitry, etc.
Thermo Electron AKA Polysonics - Peek Measurement has decided not to repair or calibrate meters that are not currently in production leaving their customers with $2000-$6000 meters that can not be serviced.

We can help you.
Al Smith has worked for Polysonics for 17 years running the Polysonics repair department in the early days of the company.  Since then we have acquired many parts, and we also build battery packs that are better than the original ones for the portables.
We have a complete flow testing lab and can perform 3 point before and after calibration certificates.

For your Polysonics repair and calibration needs please contact us for the great service that you deserve:

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Phone: 713-304-0111

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