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Use our technical services and save money

Services:  We work with rep firms, engineering firms, instrument manufacturers and end users, offering installation, troubleshooting and repair of electronic and mechanical instrumentation.  We can also assist in plant start up on new installations.  Our specialties are flowmeters, chart recorders, analyzers, PLCs, Valves, chemical feed systems, and effluent flowmeter certifications as annually required by the TCEQ / TNRCC and EPA.  We have portable Ultrasonic flowmeters to perform flow studies in your plant.

Objective:  Our approach is to work responsibly, timely, efficiently, and with excellent detailed quality.  We do not leave the job until we know the equipment is working properly.

Some of our clients have told us- their customers are requesting that only we be sent out to their site and no one else for future service.  We must be doing something right...

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