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Our promotional talent are some of the best in the business. We pride ourselves in making certain that they know how to conduct themselves in a professional manner in every situation. They are personally trained by our staff to assure that when they arrive on the job site they know how to not only promote a product, but to move a product. They are trained on how to deal with your customers in a professional manner at all times. In addition to doing promotional modeling, some of these models work as runway, print and commercial models.

We are able to assist in all phases of event coordination, staffing and management. Our carefully selected, professional staff consists of models, actors, host/hostesses, costume characters, and all necessary high-profile talent. When you book talent through SCW Promotions, you get the best!
SCW models appear in person at conventions, trade shows, exhibits, sales meetings, in stores, at publicity events and elsewhere to promote products and services. They will make your clients feel special with their warm smiles and great personalities. These attractive young models are experienced and have proven themselves time and time again. Some models are bi-lingual.
Our models are employed in these areas of modeling work:
  • Print Modeling - Newspapers, Magazines, brochures, calendars, posters, etc.
  • Electronic Media - radio, television, videotape, file, etc.
  • Live Promotional - conventions, trade shows, retail, events, etc.
  • Live Fashion - runway, stores, entertainment functions, showrooms, etc.
SCW represents all types and age ranges of adult models. We do not represent children.
Models are hired to attract attention to an exhibit. They may greet and direct visitors or lend a friendly or attractive appearance to an exhibit. Models may also be used to fill out forms to register visitors, enter them in contests or special promotions, take down addresses for mailing literature, or take orders for products.
A model may perform a routine showing how a product or service is used.
Are highly skilled in public speaking. They may give an informal talk, a speech, or technical narration explaining a product and its uses, attributes, or personal attractions.
Talented models may be hired to attract attention to an exhibit by singing or dancing or performing a skit.
Sampling refers to distributing samples of a product to potential customers. For example, the model may offer samples of cologne to customers in a department store.
A platform model is the model on whom a product, service or techniques is demonstrated. For example, a model may appear on stage at a trade show exhibit so that a hairstylist can demonstrate a haircutting technique or a hairstyling product.
These models are trained to get a crowd together for your presentations at major conventions or trade shows. They will greet your customers with a perfect smile and make certain everyone is seated prior to the actual presentation.
Are trained to act out a part whether it be in plays, movies, etc. They are trained professionals and are able to act out any outline for a planned event real or imagined.

RETAIL PROMOTIONS: SCW Models can increase business into your store with a minimum amount of expense. We can make your grand opening or sales event a huge success. We can design a program to fit your particular needs. The design would be tailored to fit your product branding and current trends. Direct marketing is the most effective way to market your product by actually putting the information in your customer's hands