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When I came to SCW I was quite skeptical. I had experienced severe disappointment with other Agencies. I even paid one Agency over $1500 for a portfolio, etc., and never received the portfolio or any work. I had decided that I no longer wanted to pursue the industry when I came across an ad concerning SCW Models. I decided to try one last time. SCW has been a wonderful opportunity for me. They put me to work almost immediately. I love every moment of it! They will help you to reach your future goals if you are willing to commit and put forth the effort. It's definitely worth the effort!

Belinda Puga, Model
Houston, TX

I never thought I'd have so many exciting opportunities as I've had with SCW Models. At first I was hesitant, not knowing much about the industry, but ever since my first event I've had a blast and continue to do so. This is a second job to me (if I can even call it that) that allows me to experience new adventures and meet great people!

Erin Chandler, Model
Dallas, TX

I have worked with SCW Models for some time. I have worked large events like PGA golf tournaments, NASCAR events, national retail promotions for Max Factor and Cover Girl and many more exciting events. The training program prepared me and reinforced core elements needed to keep me on my toes. Working with big name clients has beefed up my resume and my wallet. Thank you SCW Models!"

Vanessa Castaneda
San Antonio, TX

Hi! My name is Katie Henson and I've been with SCW for 4 months now and already I have received the opportunity for tons of jobs. I really enjoy SCW because they took the time to get to know me and so they have no problem helping me schedule jobs around my life. It's been very fun working for SCW, I've had the chance to meet, work and befriend many great people and travel to some very interesting places. As soon as one job ends, I just can't wait for the next one to begin!

Katie Henson
Houston, TX

Hi, my name is Kara Cordova and I have been working for SCW Models for three months. I have had many opportunities and have done several promotional jobs in the Houston area and San Antonio. It has been great working for SCW and it is my pleasure to say that I have been very fulfilled and satisfied with all the work that I have been offered. I look forward to many other opportunities in my future with SCW Models.

Kara Cordova
Houston, TX

I have worked with many different modeling agencies in the past and SCW stands out from the rest. They give me all the information I need about an event before I even book it! And there is always someone there to answer my questions either at the office or on the emergency cell. This is a great company to work for, I can't wait to see what they'll be booking next :)

Perla Peralta
Phoenix, AZ

SCW Models is a wonderful agency to work for. I have met so many great people with all the job opportunities I've had through SCW. The jobs I've worked include Cingular Wireless (PGA Golf Tournament in Houston and San Antonio, TX), Motorola for the NFL Houston Texans, Beneficial at Nascar in Fort Worth, TX, etc. This is the best opportunity I have had in my life. It's been such a wonderful breakthrough for me. SCW is a great agency to be represented by and to represent and I look forward to working with SCW in the very near future. Thanks Shirley!

LaTanya Johnson
Houston, TX

I just wanted to say that I am just getting started in the business, so I am a little new to this industry. I have asked a lot of questions, and SCW have answered them all very promptly. I have been on a number of jobs and have enjoyed them all. The New Year brings new opportunities, so I am looking forward to 2006.

Jason Ramos
Phoenix, AZ

I have nothing but great things to say about SCW and the people who are a part of it. They made such an effort to work on a personal level with me and have always maintained a very professional demeanor. They strive to preserve their excellent reputation and I am proud to be associated with them. I have been signed with SCW for nine months and have had many awesome opportunities. Some of my favorites include working the PGA Golf Tour in San Antonio and the Chevrolet booth at NASCAR in Dallas. The other models are great to work with and I have met some close friends through jobs. It is always a pleasure working with them and I recommend SCW to anyone who wants a jump start in the industry.

Kira Morris
Dallas, TX

"Hello, my name is Abby LaDuke and I have been with SCW Models for 7 months. I feel blessed to have found a company that wants me to succeed! SCW models are provided unique opportunities and an exciting future in any facet of the entertainment industry."

Abby LaDuke
Phoenix Suns Cheerleader
Scottsdale, AZ


I have worked with SCW for only 8 months and have already been given many wonderful opportunities! Some examples of the fabulous events I've worked include the Vegas PGA tour, Vegas NASCAR, David Beckham's cologne launch, and the Tropez Cosmetics promotion. If I need anything, SCW is always there for me with a quick reply and friendly voice. They provided me with excellent training to make me feel confident and knowledgeable about entering this industry.
I have met fantastic friends and been exposed to opportunities I wouldn't have been otherwise if I wasn't part of SCW. I am looking forward to entering the elite group of models soon and seeing where my future takes me with SCW!!

Ashley Davis
Las Vegas, NV